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Helping Scientists Succeed

Niebur Consulting is an independent, woman-owned business dedicated to helping scientists succeed.  Susan Niebur, the CEO and lead consultant, runs a fast-paced practice active in the following areas:

Space science history - To properly plan for the future, we must first understand the past. Dozens of interviews
with principal investigators, project managers, co-investigators, and engineers form a rich narrative that brings to life the cut-and-dried lessons learned from past small planetary missions in the Discovery Program. These stories are being collected and will be publshed, with analysis of the program, in a full-length book in late 2011.  This work is funded through a joint research grant from NASA's Science Mission Directorate and the NASA History Office.

Women in Planetary Science - Women are not yet employed on NASA missions at rates comparable to their representation in the field of planetary science. Susan conducts independent research 
in this area and has started several initiatives to increase awareness of the issue and action by women scientists in the field, including the Women in Planetary Science blog, a group web site on which she has posted over 100 articles, several targeted email discussion lists, and annual networking events for the LPSC, and now the Astrobiology, communitites. Her latest initiative is featuring new research by 51 women in planetary science in the 2010-2011 year.

Strategy - After five years at NASA Headquarters and another four consulting, Susan Niebur is well-versed in proposal strategy as well as what actually works on missions that are accepted by NASA. Her research into space science history referenced above adds an additional dimension to her experience and has yielded interesting insights on what makes a successful mission team - which is important even at proposal. Niebur has consulted for several aerospace companies and research institutions and is available for late 2010-2011 inquiries.

Social Media - A comprehensive online presence now allows mission teams to engage the public in space science missions in ways that far surpass information sharing and news articles about recent discoveries. With just a few clicks, teachers can find information, lesson plans, and people willing to talk about their experience, to inspire and engage students. Similarly, scientists can engage in collaborative work not possible just a few years ago. No mission or outreach proposal today is complete without social media. Susan is active in the twitter, blogging, facebook, and ning communities, and welcomes inquiries about how best to use these tools to build community and spread knowledge.

Proposal Reviews and Workshops can help scientists and engineers in even the top organizations express themselves more clearly, write targeted proposals, and win new grants or contracts for space science missions, research, education and public outreach, and social media integration. Susan Niebur has led proposal workshops at major conferences, participated in red team reviews, and done one-on-one consulting on proposal strategy.

Niebur Consulting is experienced and ready to help you get started, whether you are a new proposer, working with a new team, looking to incorporate social networks into your outreach plans, or just want another pair of eyes to review your work. To find out more, please email
Niebur Consulting.
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